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The “Athletes” of the S&P 500

September 17, 2020

Lee Metzendorf, Portfolio Manager

In the world of sport, elite level athletes are considered the best of the best. They are the all-stars and world champs, the gold medalists and leading scorers, the game changers, the record breakers, and the future hall-of-famers. These “athletes” are defined by a unique set of characteristics – such as speed, power, and agility – and have the requisite nature to endure adversity and challenges.

Just like the world of sports, the S&P 500 has its own set of elite level athletes. These “athletes” possess a unique qualities that differentiate them from the competition and help them endure the cyclical nature of the global economies and stock market. At Griffin Asset Management, we identify these “athletes” by the following criteria:

  • Strong Balance Sheets

  • Convert 100% of Earnings To Cash Flow

  • Great Management Teams

  • Ranked #1 or #2 In Their Industry

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • Innovative or Disruptive Technology

The “athletes” of the S&P 500 can be found across every major sector and in every major industry. Many of these athletes have benefitted from the Covid-19 pandemic and we’ve seen their value rise. Others have been sidelined by the crisis and, as a result, their performance has suffered. But don’t be fooled by paying attention short term wins and losses. Pay attention to the all exceptional athletes they possess the necessary fundamentals to overcome challenges and exceed expectations over the long-haul.


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